Products of RSQ Trading Co.


  • Water Chiller Unit
  • Air Chiller Unit
  • Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Unit
  • Water Cooled Screw Water Chiller
  • Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Unit Features
  • Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller (H type)
  • Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller (Reverse M type)
  • Brine Chiller

B. Air Handling Units
C. Semi Hermetic Piston Type Condensing Unit
D. Semi Hermetic Screw Type Condensing Unit
E. Indoor Evaporators / Air & Water Cooled Condenser
F. Water Cooling Tower

G. Cold Room Equipment
  • Outdoor Condensing Unit
  • Standard Air Cooler
  • High Efficiency Air Cooler

H. Series of Compressors
  • Chinese Piston Type Compressor
  • Bitzer Piston Type Compressor
  • Bitzer Screw Type Compressor
  • Scroll Type Compressors

I. Bus AC

Power Generator

  • Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel Generator
  • Germany Technology of Dual-Fual Generator

Solar Power System

Power Sub Station

Lift / Elevator

Electrical Component
   • Miniature Circuit Breaker
   • Molded Case Circuit Breaker
   • Magnetic Starter

AC & Refrigerator Equipments, Component, Parts and Accessories

   • Compressor
   • Capacitor
   • Copper Tube, Coil, Capilary
   • Fan Motor
   • Filter Drier
   • Manifold Gauge
   • Refrigerant
   • Remote
   • Tool Box
   • Thermastats and Timers
   • Thermo Statical Valves
   • Tube and Pipe Fittings
   • Tube / Pipe Cutter
   • Vacuum Pump
   • Vibration Absorber
   • Welding Equipment and Materials